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Are you determined not simply to get by in college, but to excel? Then you need to MASTER academic writing.

Deeply Researched, The Gold Standard

College-Ready Writing Essentials is the same groundbreaking instructional resource developed by BetterRhetor for colleges and universities—customized here for individuals and small groups. With CRWE you can have confidence that you're gaining the writing skills most needed for excellence in college academics.

The MAJORITY (73%) of students entering college are not ready for college-level work. Visit our websites below for an in-depth discussion of the college-readiness gap, and BetterRhetor's innovative strategies for addressing it.

One-of-a-Kind, Step-by-Step Instruction

CRWE includes extended lessons, models, exercises, and other resources that will equip you for the challenges of college-level writing.

Why do so many students struggle with writing in college? They don't have experience with authentic academic composition. They don't understand what is expected of them.

CRWE guides you through the complex process of writing a first-rate research-based persuasive academic essay.

CRWE is Right for:

  • Students who are serious about college success and are willing to put in the effort it takes to excel;
  • International students eager for an introduction to the rigorous writing expected in U.S. colleges;
  • Homeschool students & educators seeking a powerful, challenging college-ready writing resource;
  • Entering college students whose high school writing experience wasn't demanding enough, and who feel unprepared for college-level work;
  • Early-college students who find themselves underprepared and are seeking extra guidance and confidence;
  • Graduate students looking to build & refine their academic writing & critical thinking skills.


NO MATTER YOUR MAJOR, your success in college depends on your skill at ACADEMIC WRITING.

Experience, Expertise, Passion

College-Ready Writing Essentials was developed by BetterRhetor Founder and CEO, William Bryant, PhD. Dr. Bryant has more than thirty years of experience as a writer, editor, and educator. Before launching BetterRhetor, he spent ten years in test development at ACT, Inc., lastly as Director of Writing Assessments. He's worked extensively with student writing, gaining a deep understanding of the college-ready writing gap and its causes. More info available at the website below.

CRWE Features

  • CRWE is based on years of research and evidence.
  • CRWE uses proven instructional practices and teaches the strategies, skills, and concepts that research shows are most essential for college writing success.
  • CRWE teaches you to write the way U.S. colleges and universities expect their students to write.
  • The skills you learn with CRWE apply across all of your writing-intensive college courses, including Composition, English, Rhetoric, History, Communications, Social Science, Business, and many others.
  • You will not find a more carefully crafted, deeply researched, or truly helpful academic writing course anywhere.

3/4 of students entering college are NOT prepared.

50% are REQUIRED to take remedial coursework.


Remediation COSTS students and their families $1.5 Billion annually.

Students who take remedial coursework are LESS LIKELY to complete their degree.

College-Ready Writing Essentials is Helping Students & Teachers!

"Yours is the single most valuable academic writing course I've taken."

- Mark Pullan, Undergraduate Student, University of Connecticut

"Entering Grinnell College, I was a first-generation college student coming from Romania. Due to my public school background in a formerly communist country, there were many challenges that I faced in my years of college that I didn’t even recognize. Writing proficiently at a college-level was a major one—but CRWE has helped me tremendously!"

- Iulia Iordache, Graduate Research Assistant, Aarhus University

"I wish something like CRWE had existed when I first entered college! Fortunately, I chose to audit my first semester, so my G.P.A. wasn't affected while I spent most of my time trying to learn how to write at the level needed for my classes. I highly recommend taking advantage of the lessons and experience CRWE offers—you won't regret it!"

- Angad Srivastava, Undergraduate Student, Yale-NUS, Singapore

"Best homeschool college-prep writing resource I have found."

- Samantha Csernak, Teacher

"I wish I had learned all this in h.s. Thanks, CRWE, for helping me be better prepared for my college courses ahead now."

- Travis Whitney, Undergraduate Student, Georgia Tech

"Got through first year comp with an A, with your help. Thank you!"

- Francisco Guerra, Undergraduate Student, Colorado State


CRWE gives you the writing knowledge and experience you need to enter college FULLY PREPARED.

Your CRWE Package Options


All versions offer one-of-a-kind instruction, taking you step-by-step through the process of writing the kind of high-quality, research-based essay you will be asked to write in college.

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Quick Guide to the #1 Skill for College Success—How to Get Ahead Before You Even Start!

Sample the CRWE curriculum before buying! Get access to sample lessons and see how rich and thorough our program is! Our FREE mini-course provides an overview plus initial steps for mastering college-ready writing.

BONUS: Guide to the Culture of College Academics: 8 Key Concepts PDF

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Full Curriculum (25 Step-by-Step Lessons) • Exercises and Worksheets • Strategies, Models, Examples • Demonstration Essays • Links to Helpful Resources • Key Terms & Phrases Reference Sheet • Interactive Comment & Discussion Forum • Certificate of Completion • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee • BONUS: Guide to the Culture of College Academics: 8 Key Concepts PDF

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Full Curriculum (25 Step-by-Step Lessons) • Exercises and Worksheets • Strategies, Models, Examples • Demonstration Essays • Links to Helpful Resources • Key Terms & Phrases Reference Sheet • Interactive Comment & Discussion Forum • Certificate of Completion • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee • BONUS: Guide to the Culture of College Academics: 8 Key Concepts PDF


Personalized Feedback on Your Essay from Dr. Bryant
Two Finalized, Top-Quality Model Essays in PDF Form
Additional Going Beyond Exercises
Full Instructor's Guide PDF
Proprietary CRWE Competencies Framework PDF
CRWE White Paper PDF


How long will this course take?
CRWE is designed as a five-week module. However, this Individuals & Small Groups version of the course belongs to you, so move through it more quickly, or take more time, according to your needs. You receive immediate lifetime access—across any and all devices you own—so you can decide when to start and when to finish, and how best to work.

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How hard is CRWE?
This is a rigorous course. Studies show that academic rigor prior to college is perhaps the most important factor in preparing people for college success. Many high school graduates are unprepared for college precisely because their high school curriculum was not demanding enough.

Even so, it's important to note that being prepared for college means being ready to learn at the college level—not already adept at college-level work. So, while CRWE is challenging, we also understand that you may be unfamiliar with some of the things you'll be asked to do, and that you're just starting out.

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How do I know CRWE will help me?
We designed CRWE on deeply researched, evidence-centered principles, so that students can have a high level of confidence that they are acquiring the competencies most needed for college-level writing success.

If you're interested, you can read about the underlying research and the design of CRWE in our
White Paper. For a complete discussion of the resource and its benefits visit

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Who can I contact with questions, problems, kudos?
Email anytime with any of the above!

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Is there really no risk?
That's right. If you decide CRWE is not for you within 30 days, we'll refund your enrollment fee.


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