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Do you want your child to not simply get by in college... but to excel? Then they need to MASTER academic writing.

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From Cathy Duffy Reviews:

"College-Ready Writing Essentials offers homeschoolers who are unable to participate in a college-prep level writing class, the opportunity to receive excellent instruction... I highly recommend the premium package."

"[College-Ready Writing Essentials] goes beyond the mechanics to help students understand such things as the expectations for college-level writing, the importance of critical thinking, how to express their own ideas based on information and research, how to present arguments, the importance of taking into consideration what a course instructor will be looking for, and how to work with peers."

— CATHY DUFFY, Cathy Duffy Reviews 5/8/20

Here's What Homeschool Families Are Saying!

"The unique beauty of the BetterRhetor course is in its approach. There are no assignments like, 'Write a 1,000 word persuasive essay on (insert boring subject student doesn't care about here).' ...I highly and wholeheartedly recommend BetterRhetor for high school writing. You will find it easy to follow, enjoyable for the student, and helpful in understanding the quality and expectation necessary for college writing success."

— SHANNAN SWINDLER, Captivating Compass

"There are so many amazing resources within this very thorough course. For any student (or adult) who is looking to strengthen their skills in writing and research, this is definitely a wonderful resource...College-Ready Writing Essentials doesn't just teach writing but also an understanding of how each part of an essay works...We aren't just tossing words and phrases around. It's so much deeper than that."

— JENNIFER KING, A Peace of Mind

"I cannot stress enough how helpful Dr. Bryant's personal feedback was for A. If you are like me, it can be hard to help guide and teach your child/student through the complete process of writing and give feedback. Having Dr. Bryant's feedback really completed the program for me as it gave A. ideas and suggestions for improving her personal writing. This was so valuable!"


"I truly do believe this course is worth every penny."

— NICOLE COLE, Some Call It Natural

Favorite Homeschool Writing Course Award

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Deeply Researched, The Gold Standard—Give Your Teen The Best!

College-Ready Writing Essentials is the same groundbreaking instructional resource developed by BetterRhetor for U.S. high schools, colleges and universities (and adopted by the Texas State Board of Education for SY 2020-2028)—customized here for homeschool use.

With College-Ready Writing Essentials—Home Edition you can have complete confidence your teen is gaining THE writing skills most needed for excellence in college academics.

The Nation's Report Card reports the MAJORITY (73%) of students entering college are not ready for college-level work. This "college-readiness gap" is a persistent and well-documented problem BetterRhetor is dedicated to helping address—we focus on writing skills as they are so consistently linked with student success.

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Study after study shows that WRITING = the academic skill most linked to student success in college—and that this is true no matter a student's major (scientists and engineers must be able to communicate effectively too!).

Source: Conley, David T. "Rethinking College Readiness." New Directions for Higher Education, vol. 144, 2008, pp. 3-1

Chart of Differences Between High School and College Writing

One-of-a-Kind, Step-by-Step Instruction Addressed Directly to the Student

College-Ready Writing Essentials includes extended lessons, models, exercises, and other resources that will equip your teen for the challenges of college-level writing. If you're a little unsure about teaching writing yourself—we've got you covered!

Why do so many students struggle with writing in college? They don't have prior experience with authentic academic composition. They don't understand what is expected of them. 

College-Ready Writing Essentials guides students through the complex process of writing a first-rate, research-based, persuasive academic essay—exactly the kind of assignment they'll be expected to produce on DAY ONE in their college classroom.

NO MATTER YOUR MAJOR, your success in college depends on your skill at ACADEMIC WRITING.

Experience, Expertise, Passion

College-Ready Writing Essentials was developed by William Bryant, PhD. Dr. Bryant has been a writer, editor, and educator for over 30 years. He was previously Director of Writing Assessments at ACT, Inc., the college admissions testing company, and has worked extensively with student writing, gaining a deep understanding of the college-ready writing gap and its causes.

In 2015, Dr. Bryant co-founded BetterRhetor Resources LLC, with his wife, Becky. BetterRhetor is an educational publishing & services company dedicated to helping more student succeed in college.

To book a free 20-minute Strategy Call w/Dr. Bryant to discuss your family's own unique academic needs, please schedule a time here.

Special Features

  • College-Ready Writing Essentials is based on years of research, evidence, and experience.

  • College-Ready Writing Essentials uses proven instructional practices and teaches the strategies, skills, and concepts that research shows are most essential for college writing success.

  • College-Ready Writing Essentials teaches you to write the way U.S. colleges and universities expect their students to write from the very beginning.

  • The skills you learn with College-Ready Writing Essentials apply across all of your writing-intensive college courses, including Composition, English, Rhetoric, History, Communications, Social Science, Business, and many others.

  • You will not find a more carefully crafted, deeply researched, or truly helpful academic writing course anywhere.

Research reveals 3/4 of students entering college are NOT adequately prepared for the academic rigors ahead.

As a result, 50% are REQUIRED to take remedial coursework...many students drop out altogether, or fail to graduate within 6 yrs.

The cost to families is estimated to be $1.5 Billion annually.

More of What Families Like Yours Are Saying...

"If you are seeking a well-researched program to help your student learn the academic skills needed beyond high school, this is an excellent program. The level of detail is spot on for each step of the writing process."

— LAURA O'NEILL, Day by Day in Our World

"This is an excellent intensive course that would be very suitable for a high school senior, or motivated high school junior, or for a summer preparation course for a high school graduate. It is not light or casual, but takes a serious approach to building the necessary skills for students who want to be well prepared for college academics."

— KYM THORPE, Homeschool Coffee Break

"I thought the program was extremely thorough. It covered everything a student heading off to college would need to know about writing. I love the fact that we have lifetime access...If you have a student heading off to college, or if they just want to become a better writer, I highly recommend this online writing course! I promise your student will not regret it."

— MONIQUE GILKISON, Mountain of Grace Homeschooling

"Homeschool moms want curriculum that can be used independently by their students without much help, especially at the high school levels. This course delivers exactly that—top-notch instruction without any hassle for mom."

— ABBY BANKS, Making Room 4 One More

Remediation COSTS students and their families $1.5 BILLION annually.

Additionally, students who take remedial coursework are MUCH LESS LIKELY to complete their degree.

Our College-Ready Writing Essentials Package Options


All versions of College-Ready Writing Essentials offer one-of-a-kind instruction, taking you step-by-step through the process of writing the kind of high-quality, research-based essay you will be asked to write in college.

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College-Ready Writing Essentials - MINI-COURSE (FREE)

What Is College-Ready Writing & Why Does It Matter?

Get an idea of all College-Ready Writing Essentials is about before buying! Gain access to our sample discussion and learn how rich and thorough our program is. This free-mini-course will explain what is expected of college-level writing, and demonstrate why it is so important for you to master.  


SNEAK PREVIEW: Explore the first two lessons of College-Ready Writing Essentials

BONUS PDF: Quick Guide to the Culture of College Academics—8 Key Concepts

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College-Ready Writing Essentials - FULL PACKAGE ($97)


Full Curriculum (25 Step-by-Step Lessons) • Exercises and Worksheets • Strategies, Models, Examples • Demonstration Essays • Links to Helpful Resources • Key Terms & Phrases Reference Sheet • Interactive Comment & Discussion Forum • Certificate of Completion • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee • Lifetime Access

BONUS: Quick Guide to the Culture of College Academics—8 Key Concepts PDF

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College-Ready Writing Essentials - PREMIUM PACKAGE ($197)


Full Curriculum (25 Step-by-Step Lessons) • Exercises and Worksheets • Strategies, Models, Examples • Demonstration Essays • Links to Helpful Resources • Key Terms & Phrases Reference Sheet • Interactive Comment & Discussion Forum • Certificate of Completion • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee • Lifetime Access

BONUS: Quick Guide to the Culture of College Academics—8 Key Concepts PDF


Personalized Feedback on Your Essay from Dr. Bryant

Two Finalized, Top-Quality Model Essays in PDF Form

Additional Going Beyond Exercises

Full Instructor's Guide PDF

Proprietary College-Ready Writing Essentials Competencies Framework PDF

College-Ready Writing Essentials White Paper PDF

College-Ready Writing Essentials provides your child with the writing knowledge and experience they MOST NEED in order to enter college fully prepared and confident.


How long will this course take?

College-Ready Writing Essentials is designed as a five-week module. However, this online version of the course belongs to you, so move through it more quickly, or take more time, according to your needs. You receive immediate lifetime access—across any and all devices you own—so you can decide when to start and when to finish, and how best to work.

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How hard is College-Ready Writing Essentials?

This is a reasonably rigorous course. Studies show that academic rigor prior to college is perhaps the most important factor in preparing students for college success. Many high school graduates are unprepared for college precisely because their high school curriculum was not demanding enough.

Even so, it's important to note that being prepared for college means being ready to learn at the college level—not already adept at college-level work. So, while College-Ready Writing Essentials is challenging, we also understand that you may be unfamiliar with some of the things you'll be asked to do, and that you're just starting out.

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How do I know College-Ready Writing Essentials will help me?

We designed College-Ready Writing Essentials on deeply researched, evidence-centered principles, so that students can have a high level of confidence that they are acquiring the competencies most needed for college-level writing success.

If you're interested, you can read about the underlying research and the design of College-Ready Writing Essentials in Dr. Bryant's White Paper. For a complete discussion of the resource and its benefits visit

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Who can I contact with questions, problems, kudos?

Email [email protected] with any of the above!

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Is there really no risk?

That's right. If you decide College-Ready Writing Essentials is not for you within 30 days, we'll refund your enrollment fee. Otherwise you will enjoy lifetime access.

To book a FREE 20-minute Strategy Call w/Dr. Bryant to discuss your family's unique academic needs, please schedule a time here.